(January 2017)​​
Chris Brown, as the Mechanicaldummy.com Creative Director, promoting a "community of creative people:
Hip Hop maverick Video 4.0 is a multi-talented rapper with a unique combination of street grit and poetic prowess. He has an international appeal and his music ascends above regional boundaries. The rapper is a true entertainer in every sense of the word! With the release of his stellar album entitled “REBORN,” Video 4.0 has firmly established himself as an independent musical force to be reckoned with.

(February 2016)

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Making Moves and Getting the Club Moving, “Slide Out” is Bound to be the Latest Club Hit
Orlando, FL – Video is a performer that turns heads. A Florida native, the artist was raised with music in his bones. His mother and aunt, two talented gospel singers, set a heavy influence and so music was inevitable for Video, who finally decided to “entertain his calling” and pursue music as a career. Video is no stranger to the art of writing, and began putting pen to paper at a young age. A published author of three books, the musician’s background in writing has helped him craft his musical writing style. 
The artist, influenced by the smooth musical prowess of Usher, is motivated by the concept of unifying genres and listeners by prompting everyone to dance and enjoy his music – no matter their demographic. Says Video of Usher, “He connects with the people, and continues to stay relevant by connecting with more than one genre.” Video’s exceptional ability to span genre and sound allow him to enter the ears of all kinds of listeners, and his music often makes the jump from fun and edgy to dark and disturbing – offering something for everyone. One song off his latest project Momentum entitled “SlideOut” is a club hit for people to dance to. A connoisseur of fun, the artist wrote the single (which appears on his newest  album, Momentum) to inspire everyone in and out of the club to “have fun,” which is Video’s primary M.O. The song accompanies a dance move, which is simple and embodies “old school partying – it’s simple and catchy,” laughs Video. The song is exciting and lively, and has an EDM edge, which gives it a wide reach for listeners of all backgrounds and musical persuasions.
The straightforward, fun-loving artist’s main mission is to connect with others – to make music that inspires and reaches them. “To connect with fans, you have to be honest,” explains Video, “You don’t just sell your music. You sell your Brand, your character and your lifestyle.”

(December 2016)​​

Awards & Recognition

TRUE Magazine:

​Highlights on the project include the songs “Push” and “Hypeman.” These tracks demonstrate his versatility and his ability to craft compositions that can compete with other songs in the marketplace. Video has a distinctive rapping voice that resonates well on these tracks. The songs have all the right ingredients to make them certified bangers. “The Orlando, Florida based rapper/producer is exploding on the independent Rap scene and he has developed a solid fan base in Florida and beyond. For more information, log on to www.Video4-0.com.

​(February 2016)

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Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold Inc and Co-founder of the Underground Music Awards(www.UndergroundMusicAwards.com), The A&R Power Summit (www.TheARPowerSummit.com) and The Urban Music Explosion (www.UrbanBuzzFactor.com) and Director of TalentScoutConnect.com. Also I am the author of the critically acclaimed book "The Independent Music Grind.
Our internal Talent Scout staff has reviewed the music of Video. Our Talent Scout staff gave the music an evaluation rating of 8 1/2 on a scale of 1 to 10. We feel that the tracks are industry Standard. 
We were impressed with the writing skills, lyrics, cadence, delivery, flow, rapping skills, organization, and the production of each song.
We were particularly impressed with the songs "Push" and "Hypeman." These tracks demonstrate his versatility and his ability to craft compositions that can compete with other songs in the marketplace. Video has a distinctive rapping voice that resonates well on these tracks.

 (December 2015)



The A&R Power Summit Scouting Report

Hip Hop juggernaut Video 4.0 has made a name for himself by creating a wide range of music that gets the clubs jumping and the crowd hyped. His relentless work ethic and unique image are the main things that set him apart from other independent artists. His latest single is a song titled “HypeMan.” The track is head bopping Hip Hop at its finest. The track pulsates with self-assured lyrics by the rhyme slinger.

You know a song is a hit if it makes an impact in the crib, the club and the car. That’s called the “3 C rule.” And “Hype Man” fits those criteria. The song itself is electrifying with an infectious hook. It is sure to rock any strip club or night club dance floor. The music video for “HypeMan” is energetic, colorful, vibrant and magnetic. Video 4.0 has an uncanny ability to connect with the camera.​

(July 2016)​​
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